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About Us

About Us


The Prefix, JUSTICE & EQUITY was added to the appellation PRISON FELLOWSHIP CAMEROON because of the holistic nature of the activities of the organization as far as Criminal Justice is concerned with emphasis on Prisons, and with the founding Chairperson/CEO as Mme Nana Abunaw Marie, an Administrator General of Prisons(rtd). JE-PFC is therefore the brain child of PFC, the later which was founded in Bamenda in 1994 by Pastor Asobo George Teneng and Mrs. Nana Abunaw Marie (the then Superintendent in charge(“Regisseur”) of the Bamenda Central Prison). JE-PFC is a philanthropic, Charitable, non-profit making; apolitical, non-denominational, non-governmental organization. It is an indigenous movement of people of good faith from different backgrounds and traditions with a flair for humanity, working together for the outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, crime victims and their families, as well as the vulnerable groups. It is a HUMANITARIAN MINISTRY TO THOSE AFFECTED BY CRIME

JE-PFC is an affiliate of Prison Fellowship International (PFI), the World-Wide Association of National Prison Fellowship Ministries. Each national Prison Fellowship Ministry (NPFM) is independent in Administration and Finance. PFI is governed by an International Council and Board of Directors. Each national PF Ministry has one voting representative in the Council.

Origin of PFI

The founder and Chairperson of the Board is Charles COLSON, former Presidential Aide to the late President NIXON of the U.S.A. He served some months in prison in connection with the famous Watergate Scandal.

Having been a witness to the various negative aspects of prison life, and after having received Christ in Prison, he decided to form the Prison Fellowship Ministry on his re-lease in a bid to improve on what he passed through while in prison.

Relation of PFI with the United Nations.

PFI has consultative status; Category II with the Economic and Social Council of the U.N. PFI is an active member of the Alliance of Non-Governmental Organizations on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.


The Bruised Reed of Is. 42:3

The logo is designed as a reminder that Prison Fellowship assists those who have been bruised, that is prisoners, ex-prisoners, crime victims and their families- all persons whose lives have been marred or hurt or nearly broken by crime.

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